Seven murders, a shameful story or heroic?

Murders,conflicts are usual events throughout the world and Bangladesh isn't a unique in recent past. Seven murders, a devastating error is one of the most talking events for not only our strongest media not powerful though but also for our Government. Nur Hosen is in verge of punishment, the culprit should also be murdered in my narrow opinion. But the media in fact a totally lame media creates confusion rather than clearance. Government tried her best here you know the meaning of using her, and keep trying for resolution of seven murders by arresting Nur. But it is not the Nur only here there were severe culprits involved into the issue. Nur can' t commit it without the assistance of elite groups from our Government, I reckon. Can our Government or has our Government have the brave heart to identify all the culprits? I wish if she were able to do so. But I am afraid here because media are focusing Nur hosen too much and it automatically gives a chance to negotiate after some days with a huge reports, talk shows and so on. Again I am afraid, if some elite groups can manage to negotiate by focusing Nur hosen only. Even the Government isn't in a safe place in my mind for murdering those seven men. Is it a wrong concept covering my mind? Only God knows. (Note: Government should claim a prize to identify Nur, an arrested.)

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