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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Seven murders, a shameful story or heroic?

Murders,conflicts are usual events throughout the world and Bangladesh isn't a unique in recent past. Seven murders, a devastating error is one of the most talking events for not only our strongest media not powerful though but also for our Government. Nur Hosen is in verge of punishment, the culprit should also be murdered in my narrow opinion. But the media in fact a totally lame media creates confusion rather than clearance. Government tried her best here you know the meaning of using her, and keep trying for resolution of seven murders by arresting Nur. But it is not the Nur only here there were severe culprits involved into the issue. Nur can' t commit it without the assistance of elite groups from our Government, I reckon. Can our Government or has our Government have the brave heart to identify all the culprits? I wish if she were able to do so. But I am afraid here because media are focusing Nur hosen too much and it automatically gives a chance to negotiate after some days with a huge reports, talk shows and so on. Again I am afraid, if some elite groups can manage to negotiate by focusing Nur hosen only. Even the Government isn't in a safe place in my mind for murdering those seven men. Is it a wrong concept covering my mind? Only God knows. (Note: Government should claim a prize to identify Nur, an arrested.)

Friday, November 13, 2015

Free betting tips and possible outcome in online

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Making money in online is no more fun (part 2)

Making money in online is no more fun (part 2) In my first article I mentioned some of my favourite websites for earning money from both home and abroad. But in earlier of 2010 I tried my best to earn some dollars. But I failed because most of the websites were fake then. Now I am earning some cents not dollars legally because of my duties. But you can earn a lot from the following info if you can't then you are allowed to either blame me or contact with me.
 #1. Clixsense is trusted ptc site over the years. You can earn here by clicking your mouse only. They pay through paypal, payza and neteller with the minimum cash out of 8 usd. So, if you want you check the site click clixsense
 Neobux is also a site of maintaining above features. But 2 usd is minimum cash out here. You can try your luck by clicking here. neobux
#3. Rewardingways another ptc site with many surveys, tasks and offer for you. Minimum cashout is only 1 usd and it pays through skrill which is very easy for withdrawing payments in Bangladesh. For getting 0.20 usd sign up bonus you may try here.......... Rewarding ways
#4. Google adsence is also within your hands but it is very hard to be approved. You must wait for six months to earn for this sites.
#5. Recently I have found some alternatives for google adsence. They initially approve your sites or blog or even new word press sites.
# Bidvertiser

  # Chitika For following the instructions you earn money from these two sites by showing their ads in your site. You can earn minimum 10 $ from here in a month and maximum value is in your hands and tricks and giving time. I found all of these websites very best for earning a lot. But I can't able to give the desired time because of my other duties. So, if you are either free or unemployed just try those once. I am ensuring your success if you give proper time. Here you can use my link or you can sign up directy. Because you are not bound to do so. And finally if you found any kinds of dificulty please feel free to contact with me. Hope you are able to do well after reading my article. Thanks in advance from A Al Shafi, a post graduated from University of Dhaka.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

10 Secrets make you unique in Interview

Be a unique one among others
Interview is so essential that you may not make an impression without performing the best in board. Here is some secret tips to make you unique in an interview board.

Be a unique one

Try to make a great first impression

# Dress code,an essential makes an impression which is treated as the last impression. Dress code should be very simple but might be very clean. And the colors should be which are suited you the most like black or blue.

Dress Code for men only

Dress code for men only and wearing these one can catch the attention of interviewer.
Dress code for men only and wearing these one can catch the attention of interviewer.


Here, hairstyle is in the part of dress code. Hair should be cut into a smaller. Small hairstyle attracts the attention, but very long and clumsy hair are not allowed in most of the viva board. So, long hairstyle can't be a good choice to enter into the board.

An example of cutting hair for interview

An example of cutting hair for interview
An example of cutting hair for interview

Steps should be taken depend upon situation

#Entering into the room with a lots of confidence. Trying to tell Good morning, afternoon rather than may I come in which is very common now a days.
#Introduction should be job related and your quality to fulfill the criteria of the job. Here traditional personal details, academic details might be ignored hardly.
#Answering the asked questions with the eye contact. Never feel ashamed in front of the interviewers.
#Telling your future plan according to the situation.In this case telling lies may benefit you.
#Don't mixing up with English and Bengali. If you are weak at English ask for the permission for speaking in Bengali.
#7. Trying for the smallest conversation if you can deliver here which assists you with fewer question.
# Sir or Mam might be used in most of the cases.

Ensuring proper steps under the situation

Ensuring proper steps under the situation
Ensuring proper steps under the situation

Special tricks

Entering into a board of interview is also an important issue. Here full of confidence is required badly. Eye contact with the interviewers refers to the confidence level of a job seeker. Feeling shameful in a viva board is always considered as one of the biggest crimes in a job sector but you can allow to do some crimes like telling lies in a viva board for the sake of your own welfare and the criteria of the mentioned job. Another simple mistake is mixing up both English and Bengali language in the South Asian countries like Bangladesh. So, it is totally prohibited. And try to answer the questions with a brief term and with a ease that is helpful to catch the attention of the interviewers.

Some tricks are used here

Some tricks is used here
Some tricks is used here
Some tricks is used here
Some tricks is used here

Finishing touch

#Always try to smile and make the others them smiley as well.
#In the finishing touch or role you should sake hands even for the madam try it and believe me it worked for me and I wish if it were also helpful to all of you.
Here finishing touch is very important for completing a successful viva. Do not forget about smile because it helps a lot to catch the attention of the interviewers. And the last thing is that you should shake your hands properly by giving a finishing line to your viva voice.

Considered as a pillar

Viva voice or it is treated as interview by most of us,the most important section of performing great in a sector which is much more related to your desired jobs. Giving an outstanding performance in interview is always considered as a pillar of having your desired job. Without performing well enough in a viva board it is almost impossible to achieve a job. On the other hand, performing great compared to others it is almost impossible to restrict you to achieve the job. And here is the secret of using these tips and having successful in your career by acquiring the most handsome job in your territory. So, following ten things that can make you both unique and successful person.

Be a confident person

Be a confident person in viva board.
Be a confident person in viva board.
Always be positive

Why did it work?

Following these ten simple as well as the easiest tasks I found myself very confident in the board of interview. Do not try to be over smart here. Because the people was involved into your interview, they were too smart to describe in a word. So, try to make you smart but not the smartest one and I reckon these tips can help you towards your career as well as your journey.


Under all the circumstances stated above I really feel that these ten things can be very handy to get your desired job. At least try it only once and believe me it will become a helpful tip for each and every body.
At last these tips cannot be failed if they were followed properly and with an honest means. If you are failed severe times by following these tips then you should know the proper reason of your failure but not just blame the tips I have provided here in a brief article.

Your Feelings towards viva board

What is your feelings in the interview board?

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  • 100% Confident
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Tips and tricks

"Mentioning the most effective secret tips here in a viva board in front of some elite people might help all of us. Thanks in advance because I am sure of it's capability."

Friday, November 6, 2015

Bloggers are facing new terrorism under the politics of Bangladesh

Blogging as a profession Bloggers are the much talked affair in Asia especially in Southern part.As their popularity goes up, they are being under threat of murder. The murderers of bloggers are too clever to fly away from our special forces like RAB, POLICE, BGB, ARMY etc. Bloggers are treated as a creative writer in our society and they try their best to work for the welfare of our country. Since 2010 the numbers of blogger are increased by day by day and they created their own identity and community as well as the exclusive topics which are written by the bloggers. Blogging as a profession many citizens of Bangladesh are eagerly chosen this profession and everything was going well for the sake of their creative writings and ideas. But then the disasters come down into the reality. They are attacked by some terrorist groups. Not only the attack they faced but also they were murdered during the attack. It is totally a shame for our country and also our government. Murder of bloggers in BD Some of the most promising victims are no more in our country or even no more in the world. Abhijit Rai, one of the most promising bloggers in our country is murdered without any reason. If his writings disturb someone it does not refer to kill the mentioned writer. But here in Bangladesh this shameful thing was occurred by murdering. Those culprits are still a long distance from our Police. After having all the support staff for investigation the real aim of investigate is still a failure and a matter of sorrow for us. If the investigation went proper way then we should find the culprit. On the other hand, if there were a lot of lacking in the process, we should not ask for any kind of help for finding them. Root Causes of Murder Here I suggest some root causes of this incident The murder of Abhijit was not surprising but it was planned or especially planned for Abhijit only. The featured blog of his contains lot confusion towards science and Islam. But for this simple reason a person cannot be murdered rather than can be helpful in fictions. Sorry to say that the highest authority of our country was totally involved in this case directly or indirectly. Without the assistance of our forces it was almost impossible to kill a fresher. November, 2015 Now the main theme or the latest version of my article is coming your way by declaring a couple of murder attempts on Bloggers in November,2015. Faisal Arefin Dipon, a founder member of Jaggroty is being murdered by the terrorists. Dipon was very closer to Abhijit and he revealed the books of Abhijit. So, it is like a mathematical event. If Abhijit was no more so logically Dipon was a certain threat of murder. At last the new terrorism term is a winner here comparing to the term of blogging or even blogger. But, where is our Government right now. If they do not want to see another murder even me now being included, they should take various steps to identify the terrorist group as well as their devastating plan of murder. Our society cannot forgive them. Some possible steps for solution 1. Building social awareness among the people. 2. Telling about the new terrorism term like Islamic States, former Al Quaeda and knowing their history and consequences also. 3. Some special law enforcement should be useful here 4. Government cannot ignore the murder 5. Finally identifying those culprits.

Saturday, October 31, 2015


Software Directory

Some tips for photographers

The most essential part of photo shooting often involves some works after the photo shooting. Pre and post process of photo editing has become the much talked affair for many professional photographers. Even after shooting a heartiest picture they need to make them more beautiful to the viewers. This is the root causes of photo editing. Though photo editing is a simple term to use, but the functions of photo editing is much more effective for making it more sharpen. Photo editing is both a simple and a complex method performed in a studio with the assistance of some software like Photoshop, adobe, GIMP. This renowned software has some terrific functions to make a photo more attractive to the viewers. For an example in digital photo editing one can apply some smarts thing given below to make the difference of root photo. 1. Reduction of nose 2. Balancing in white 3. Improving Contrast 4. Espousing of photo 5. Correction of lens 6. Adjustments of colour 7. Resizing as well as cropping 8. Removal of background. These are the simplest techniques done by an editor but these techniques are too effective to hear. The complex and advanced techniques are also given very briefly below 1. Simple to complex techniques of clipping path 2. Corrections of Portrait 3. Shadow creator and reflection 4. Special Effects and applying 5. Text and visuals adjusting of a root photo 6. Stitching of a Photo 7. Image masking and layers 8. Manipulation of photos 9. Enhancement as well as retouching So, under the entire circumstances photo editing is a great technique for removing an unwanted part from a digital photo. Now these kinds of photos are used in a different purpose such as in e-commerce, printing media, bill board, and advertising.

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