Bloggers are facing new terrorism under the politics of Bangladesh

Blogging as a profession Bloggers are the much talked affair in Asia especially in Southern part.As their popularity goes up, they are being under threat of murder. The murderers of bloggers are too clever to fly away from our special forces like RAB, POLICE, BGB, ARMY etc. Bloggers are treated as a creative writer in our society and they try their best to work for the welfare of our country. Since 2010 the numbers of blogger are increased by day by day and they created their own identity and community as well as the exclusive topics which are written by the bloggers. Blogging as a profession many citizens of Bangladesh are eagerly chosen this profession and everything was going well for the sake of their creative writings and ideas. But then the disasters come down into the reality. They are attacked by some terrorist groups. Not only the attack they faced but also they were murdered during the attack. It is totally a shame for our country and also our government. Murder of bloggers in BD Some of the most promising victims are no more in our country or even no more in the world. Abhijit Rai, one of the most promising bloggers in our country is murdered without any reason. If his writings disturb someone it does not refer to kill the mentioned writer. But here in Bangladesh this shameful thing was occurred by murdering. Those culprits are still a long distance from our Police. After having all the support staff for investigation the real aim of investigate is still a failure and a matter of sorrow for us. If the investigation went proper way then we should find the culprit. On the other hand, if there were a lot of lacking in the process, we should not ask for any kind of help for finding them. Root Causes of Murder Here I suggest some root causes of this incident The murder of Abhijit was not surprising but it was planned or especially planned for Abhijit only. The featured blog of his contains lot confusion towards science and Islam. But for this simple reason a person cannot be murdered rather than can be helpful in fictions. Sorry to say that the highest authority of our country was totally involved in this case directly or indirectly. Without the assistance of our forces it was almost impossible to kill a fresher. November, 2015 Now the main theme or the latest version of my article is coming your way by declaring a couple of murder attempts on Bloggers in November,2015. Faisal Arefin Dipon, a founder member of Jaggroty is being murdered by the terrorists. Dipon was very closer to Abhijit and he revealed the books of Abhijit. So, it is like a mathematical event. If Abhijit was no more so logically Dipon was a certain threat of murder. At last the new terrorism term is a winner here comparing to the term of blogging or even blogger. But, where is our Government right now. If they do not want to see another murder even me now being included, they should take various steps to identify the terrorist group as well as their devastating plan of murder. Our society cannot forgive them. Some possible steps for solution 1. Building social awareness among the people. 2. Telling about the new terrorism term like Islamic States, former Al Quaeda and knowing their history and consequences also. 3. Some special law enforcement should be useful here 4. Government cannot ignore the murder 5. Finally identifying those culprits.

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