Don't follow a successful man

Don't follow a Successful man It's a traditional process of following some life histories of a successful man to prosper in life and it's being suggested a lot from our respectable teachers, even our family members as well. But this historical statement can't do anything best not even good in my brief career after completing my post graduation but it gave me a lot of frustations in building my career. The history of successful men is full of advanture, struggle, trying, failure etc. including some blessing of God but these events can't give us success, can't give us confidence but it can give us some motivations. And here is the reality motivation can not be sufficient enough to build a career. So, finally I am going to tell my secret even though I reckon that I am not a successful human being to tell it in public but you can treat it as my narrow opinion towards success. Following heavily some life events of some unsuccessful men who are too promising to prosper in a life. But at the end they are loosers in our society. The thing is that they made some mistakes in critical situation of their life. Hardly following their total life events but you are not allowed to make the same mistakes again. Ignoring their mistakes may give you the way of prosper but trust me it can't give you the frustrations which are the catalyst of damaging a promosing life. So, it is very easy to follow the vanished promising men and ignore the mistakes they done before rather than following the successful men containing a lot of frustrations for me. This simple technique worked for me or I am still working on those vanished people having all the qualities of being a successful man but forture was too much harsh on them. Anyway you are not bound to do that considering it a suggetion from a post graduate student of University of Dhaka under the dept. of peace and conflict. Thanks in advance.

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