Drug Addiction, a blessing for us

Drug Addiction, a blessing for us The title might not be understood or liked many of my viewers but a matter of sorrow is that my hidden feelings are almost true in our current features with the addiction to drugs. Drug addiction is totally damaging our young generation by step by step and we as well as our Government are in a deep sleep which never sound good for our country. Each and every day drugs are caught in a huge but the devastating condition which is very familiar to us is not changing rather than remains same. The forces of our Government are working like a cycle here. They catch those and after finishing their heroic role in the media they control the unfocused drugs in a superior way and leave the situation in a shame. For the sake of their own welfare they do the most effective task with a ease and achieve a huge profit but make a huge half volley for the user of drugs instead of making yorker. So, at last the largest supplement of drugs put a great smile on the faces of our elite, put a huge crying on the faces of our mothers as well. Drug addiction is not a curse anymore. But it seems like a bless for elite class people including our honorable GOVERNMENT. Thanks for giving your valuable time and it is not the end, it is a start, a horrible start. Keep in touch to know the details of every line I mentioned here.

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